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Pioneers in Solid Tumor Cell Therapy

The Tmod™ technology was invented by A2 Bio scientists, leveraging decades of experience across several disciplines of drug discovery science. A2 Bio’s approach is highly integrative and draws heavily from quantitative drug discovery methods pioneered outside the cell therapy field. The Tmod™ technology affords A2 Bio a first-mover advantage to revolutionize the treatment of solid tumors by exploiting the loss of genetic material commonly seen in tumors. We are protecting our technology and planned pipeline products with a broad and deep set of patent filings.

The Tmod™ technology was invented by A2 Bio scientists

We are driven by a commitment to rigorous science and the urgency to bring cell therapies to cancer patients. Led by an experienced leadership team, equipped with versatile research and manufacturing infrastructure, supported by a world-class scientific advisory board and powered by a team of dedicated scientists and professional staff, A2 Bio is uniquely positioned to deliver a broad pipeline of T cell therapies to cancer patients.

A2 Bio Timeline

November 2023

Oral presentation of BASECAMP-1 at Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Annual Meeting

October 2023

Construction started on Phase II cell therapy manufacturing facility in Agoura Hills, CA

September 2023

FDA clearance for Mesothelin IND

May 2023

First patient dosed in EVEREST-1 Phase 1 trial of A2B530 (CEA program)

January 2023

FDA clearance for the CEA IND

November 2022

Company closes $62M Series B extension financing

November 2022

Clinical candidate nominated for 2nd allogeneic program

October 2022

A2 Bio receives “Future of Agoura Hills” – Business of the Year award

August 2022

Companion diagnostic developed with Tempus cleared by the FDA

November 2021

First BASECAMP-1 site opened at New York University (NYU) Langone Health

October 2021

Company raises $75M in Series B extension

September 2021

Clinical candidate nominated for 1st allogeneic program

August 2021

cGMP manufacturing facility operational

June 2021

Clinical candidates for autologous carcinoembryonic antigen+ (CEA) and mesothelin+ (MSLN) cancers nominated

May 2021

Thomas Leung appointed as CFO

December 2020

Company enters into collaboration with Merck to develop allogeneic cell therapy for solid tumor cancers

December 2020

Company enters a strategic collaboration with Tempus to develop a companion diagnostic (CDx) test for A2 Bio’s new therapy targeting patients with loss of heterozygosity (LOH)

December 2020

First pre-clinical data demonstrating the potential for the Tmod™ platform in oncology published in Molecular Immunology

October 2020

Company closes $71.5M Series B financing

March 2020

Manufacturing facility established

May 2019

Scott Foraker, JD, appointed president and CEO

September 2018

A2 Bio establishes new research facility in Agoura Hills, CA

January 2018

A2 Bio founded. Company raises $57M in Series A financing