Clinical Trials

Advancing the treatment of solid tumor cancers

Backed by robust preclinical studies, we are conducting clinical trials across a range of solid tumor types to investigate our unique TmodTM CAR T cell.

BASECAMP-1 is a pre-screening study to identify patients for potential treatment in our clinical trials.

BASECAMP-1 is currently enrolling patients with non-small cell lung, colorectal, pancreatic and ovarian cancers, as well as mesothelioma.

Objective: Use next-generation sequencing to identify patients with solid tumors that have lost human leukocyte antigen (HLA), then perform leukapheresis to collect, process and store patient T cells for future Tmod CAR T cell therapy.

Study design: Non-interventional, observational study to evaluate patients with solid tumors at a high risk of relapse. Participants that meet all the criteria may be enrolled and leukapheresed. Participants’ cells will be processed and stored for potential manufacture of Tmod CAR T cell therapy upon relapse of their cancer.

Further information about this study can be found here: NCT04981119.