Our Science

Accessing a new class of targets

"Targets lost" in tumor cells


Our unique approach to tumor cell targeted killing has the potential to create breakthrough therapies to treat most cancer patients by identifying targets that unequivocally distinguish tumor from normal cells. We do this by focusing on targets that are irreversibly lost in tumor cells by employing T cells with a dual-targeting system. Loss of chromosomal material leads to hemizygosity of large regions of the genome, allowing A2 to exploit the large, untapped source of targets that are lost in tumors by genetic deletion. A2's platform has the potential to treat nearly all solid tumor cancers, the cause of approximately a half-million deaths/year in the U.S. alone.

Technology platform

A2's Tmod   platform enables the selective killing of tumor cells.  T cells engineered with Tmod technology uniquely combine a potent activating mechanism to kill tumor cells with a blocking mechanism that protects normal cells from harm by exploiting the loss of genetic material in tumors. The Tmod platform can produce many products using different activator/blocker combinations.

Watch the video below to learn more about our Tmod platform.



Ongoing innovation

In addition to discovery research, we are planning to innovate in manufacturing. Our autologous cell manufacturing facility will be operational in 2021 with technology scalable for commercial launch.

We aspire to increase speed to patients and reduce cost of goods by advancing the technology and leveraging our cell therapy manufacturing expertise.

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