Technology Platform

Enabling precise and personalized T cell therapies

Tmod™ Platform

A2 Bio’s unique Tmod™ platform is a robust, portable system that accommodates a broad range of activator and blocker combinations where each activator/blocker combination represents a new product candidate. The platform can be applied to both autologous and allogeneic immune cell therapies for many tumor types.

The Tmod™ technology was invented by A2 Bio scientists, leveraging decades of experience across several disciplines of drug discovery science. A2 Bio’s approach is highly integrative and draws heavily from quantitative drug discovery methods pioneered outside the cell therapy field.

Powerful blocker technology

The Tmod™ platform is a notable advancement in T cell therapies because of its blocker technology. The blocker functions as a self-actuated safety switch protecting normal cells, potentially overcoming the toxicity barriers.

The blocker mechanism takes advantage of damage inside tumor cells: irreversible genetic losses that are a common event in tumor progression and highly specific to tumor cells.

This leads to unprecedented specificity in tumor cell targeting, allowing for potentially safer and more effective treatment doses by expanding the therapeutic window.

Watch the video below to learn about A2 Bio & our Tmod™ technology